Oren grew up always wanting to fly. As a child, he loved reading books about aviation, building models and flying RC airplanes. Military service precluded Oren’s dream of becoming a pilot, but he eventually fulfilled that dream in his early 20s when he arranged his very own discovery flight. Instantly hooked, he flew as often as he could until he got his CFI/IGI ratings.

In 2012, Oren obtained his FAA GOLD SEAL CFI certificate. Gold Seal instructors must maintain a high level of flight training activity and meet additional criteria, including the number of students who successfully pass check rides. Oren has an advanced ground instructor/instrument certificate and commercial single-engine and multi-engine pilot certificates with an instrument rating. He also has obtained his Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rating—the highest grade certificate issued by the FAA. Oren has logged over 2,500 flight hours, which includes 2,000 flight hours as an instructor.

As Gold Seal Aviation's head flight instructor, Oren’s objective is simple: to produce sharp, safe and well-rounded pilots. Oren loves to see his customers set and reach goals on their way to earning their wings or an advanced certificate. He also understands the challenge of juggling full-time work and finances, so he can adapt his training to your needs and schedule and develop a customized curriculum to help you reach your aviation goals. Flying with Oren means having confidence that your training is up to date, safe and precise.