What It’s Like to Be a Private Pilot

We started Gold Seal Aviation because we wanted to share our love of flying with others who aspire to be pilots.

Getting a pilots license is hard work and requires a lot of dedication, but it’s worth it. Many people may never get to experience the joys of being a private pilot, but if you’re willing to undergo the process of getting your wings, aviation has several great benefits. Here are just a few of them:

Location, Location, Location

One of the best things about being a private pilot is the travel freedom it gives you. Depending on where you live, you get to see beautiful, scenic landscapes as you fly thousands of feet above ground level. In Florida, that view may be of our state’s beautiful lakes and greenery, the Atlantic Ocean or city skylines.

You also can visit lots of interesting places. Flying across the country commercially and visiting multiple destinations can be costly, not to mention a bit cumbersome when you factor in security and baggage checks, assigned seats, and in some cases, disgruntled fellow passengers. Flying on your own allows you to see the beauty and diversity of America’s cities and towns in a way that’s very convenient. It’s also less time-consuming than traveling by car, which would take hours or days depending on where you’re going.

Share Your Love for Aviation

Aside from the freedom you experience with aviation, there’s also the added bonus of sharing the craft with your family and friends. While some may be hesitant to fly with you, others may relish the opportunity for you to show off your aviation skills and for them to travel to interesting places with you.

Another beauty of aviation is that it also can open up new opportunities. You can use your pilot skills to help a friend or family member who may need aerial photography or aerial surveillance, the latter of which is often used for mapping purposes. Some private pilots also have shared their love of aviation with friends and family by creating visual logbooks of their travels, giving their loved ones a one-of-a-kind view of local destinations.

If You Build It...

In addition to these benefits, having a private pilot’s license can give you insight into building your own place. If you aren’t handy or if the idea of this seems daunting, that’s completely understandable. However, if building your own plane at all piques your curiosity, there are several resources that can help you accomplish this. The Experimental Aircraft Association, which is based in Wisconsin, provides support to thousands of recreational pilots, builders and restorers and fosters a community among this group of aviation lovers. If you’re not ready to take the leap into aircraft building, several companies can help you build your own in a matter of weeks. Just do an online search and through research to find the best one.

Join a Flying Club

There’s a club for anything and everything, including private flying. A flying club allows those with a private license to join together and divvy up the costs of owning and operating an aircraft. There are two types of flying clubs: a corporate club in which owners rent their plane to a second tier of members for a monthly fee; and a partnership club in which four pilots own and share a plane.

If you’re new to flying, corporate clubs are a great option because they reduce the cost of flying and some of the maintenance responsibilities you may encounter if you own a plane. But depending on your wishes and budget, a partnership club may be best for your needs. Whatever option you choose, these clubs are a great way to share your love of flying with fellow pilots and form friendships that could last a lifetime. You can find a local flying club in your area on the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association’s website.

If you want to become a pilot, training at Gold Seal Aviation is a great first step. We’re dedicated to helping people earn their wings and become skilled aviators. Visit our Flight Training Services page to learn more!

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